Wally Pleasant – Funny Rock Star

Wally Pleasant – Funny Rock Star

Let me introduce you to the fabulous Wally Pleasant. Many moons ago – I’m talking WAY back, think LATE 90’s people…. the husb and I use to make it a point to see Wally Pleasant anytime he was in the DFW area.

wally pleasant

Wally Pleasant is a funny guy who sings quirky acoustic songs that stick in your head. Wally’s songs, well some of them, play like a soundtrack to the first 20 years of my life.

She’s in Love with a Geek


I was in love with a geek. Well, I still am – but thankfully he doesn’t play Dungeons and Dragons – at least that I know of. But my geek doesn’t have a face like the rear of a bamboon and he has a personality 🙂

Denny’s at 4 AM


I was one of those weirdo teens who hung out at Denny’s to look at the weirdos, when actually in reality I WAS ONE OF THOSE weirdos….

Let’s Play Life


Getting married at 19 ->

There’s so much to risk, there’s so much to lose
If you sank my battleship, I’d still look for clues
My pursuits aren’t trivial; you have a monopoly on my heart
You can twister around but please don’t tear it apart
Baby, next time, let’s play life.

Stupid Day Job


Before having a career – who hasn’t has a stupid day job?

Two for One Coupon

Click to listen to Two for One Coupon

I heart coupons. Especially 2 for 1 coupons.

I’ve got a 2 for 1 coupon, that’s you and my… buy one get one free. I’ve got a 2 for 1 coupon and i’ve got to say, that is expires today.

Wally Pleasant, Where Did You Go?

So I read that Wally is now 42, and had a wife, kids and a job with health insurance. BUT I did read he’ll come out with a children’s album…. LONG LIVE WALLY PLEASANT. My kid’s heart They Might Be Giant’s kids albums, so Wally – DO IT, we’ll buy it!

His web site – with oldies but goodies is still live – check it out at wallypleasant.com