The Pregnancy Companion

By |September 19th, 2012|Pregnancy|

Each year at Blissdom Conference, I walk away with a few new special people that some how God puts in my life. Random as it seems at the time – for the last 3 years, some meet-up has resulted in a divine purpose. It’s really weird, but hey I’m rolling with it! This past year, my sweet friend and ex co-worker AJ introduced me to 2 of her friends, Heather and Jessica. We hung out several times thru-out the weekend and got to know each other. Jessica had recently left the music biz and Heather was an OB GYN. It’s not every day that you get to meet an OB GYN. The things I wanted to ask her! Come to find out, Heather and Jessica are authors. Heather, aka Dr. Rupe provides medical insight and Jessica provides girlfriend wisdom in a delightful book about pregnancy called The Pregnancy Companion. It is an amazing approach that I hadn’t seen done before and they bring together medicine and faith. I have recommended this book time and time again – but realize I hadn’t introduced you to it. Here’s a little low down on this book:  […]

PBS Makes Julia Childs Roll Over In Her Grave

By |August 15th, 2012|Random|

Oh Julia Childs - first HAPPY 100th Birthday! What better way to celebrate your birthday than making you sound like T-PAIN! I am in a state of LOLSHOCK. I really don't know what to think about this. Who knew PBS had such a sense of humor! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80ZrUI7RNfI&feature=player_embedded#!

Kleenex Alert: 2 Year Old and Her Magic Arms

By |August 7th, 2012|Parenting|

Need a good cry? I didn’t think I did, but just had a stupid YouTube video tug at my heart streams releasing an epic flow of tears because of TECHNOLOGY people. Watch this video about a 2 year old named Emma who is as cute as cute can be. She was born with a condition called arthrogryposis that prevented her from moving her arms. With the use of a 3D printer, engineers have designed Emma mechanical magic arms that are constructed from type of plastic as Legos. Now this little girl can move her arms freely and live life in a way she would of never been able to, all because of technology and the creation of her magic arms. Watch this video – wait first, you may want to pull out the Kleenex. […]

10 Things I Have Learned From Having a Large Family

By |January 10th, 2012|Family Life Work Balance|

So when we set out on this baby making journey, we always knew we wanted to have a large family. And by large family, we mean 4 kids not 19 (though I still do love you Michelle Duggar). The last 5 months has fulfilled that dream. We have 4 kids, ages 8, 6, 21 months and 5 [...]

Bumbo Infant Chair – Mommy Must Have

By |September 11th, 2010|Family Review, Parenting|

Bumbo, a mommy must have. Chair for babies 2 months and up

Facebook Pages & Twitter Are Now Talking!

By |August 27th, 2009|Facebook, Technology & Web, Twitter, Working Mom|

So Facebook, you decided to wise up and embrace the greatness of Twitter for Fan Pages. Well good for you Facebook, and good for us! Here's the downlow: You can now have your Facebook Fan Pager status updates, links, photos, notes and event creations tweet the world - sending your tweeps back to your Facebook [...]

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