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Bad Luck Be Gone

I’ve recently taken up playing the Lotto. After watching some show on TLC about lottery winners, I have my mind set on the fact that I TOO could win, if I just played. Also, that if I won – I could do so much ...Read More

The Pregnancy Companion

Each year at Blissdom Conference, I walk away with a few new special people that some how God puts in my life. Random as it seems at the time – for the last 3 years, some meet-up has resulted in a divine purpose. It’s ...Read More

28 Weeks Pregnant

It’s another hump day bump day and Stephanie is 28 weeks pregnant! In just 12ish short weeks, I’ll have another niece, breaking the long cycle of boys. Between my husband and his brother, the last 5 kids have been BOYS, we are so ready ...Read More