shetland ponies in sweater

Ponies in Sweaters – YES!

This made me incredibly happy. Someone at some ad agency working on the Scotland tourist departments branding is absolutely brillant.  Meet Fivla and Vitamin, Shetland ponies and the poster ponies...
share your family story

Share Your Family Story

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Samsung ES8000 Smart TV is SO much more than a television. Since receiving our's 2 months ago, we have spent more time using the "smart" than the...
quality time family

5 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Family

Our lives are a whirlwind. As any parent knows, the days fly by and life just doesn't seem to stop. If it's not one thing it's another. Downtime seems non-existent. Chores, tasks, work - but where is the FUN?...
hp 3052a printer

Digital Mom Printer Review – HP 3052A

HP 3052a Inkjet All-in-One Printer vs Color Laser Printer We were recently sent a HP 3052a printer to review.  My first thoughts, ink jet? hrm.. See, for the last few years, I have loved my color laser...
bad luck

Bad Luck Be Gone

I've recently taken up playing the Lotto. After watching some show on TLC about lottery winners, I have my mind set on the fact that I TOO could win, if I just played. Also, that if I won - I could do so...
smart tv for kids

Samsung ES8000 – It’s Not Just For Adults!

Samsung ES8000 Smart TV Review The Samsung ES8000 Smart TV was designed with the family in mind!  In addition to the great features for adults - there was special attention given to creating elements for...
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Hunger Action Month – Find Out How You Can Help!

Every night we sit down for a meal as a family. Each week, we throw out old food. This is one of the many reasons we are blessed. Did you know that 50 million Americans won't know where their next meal will come from at some point this year? That's one in six Americans