Ponies in Sweaters – YES!

Ponies in Sweaters – YES!

This made me incredibly happy.

shetland ponies in sweater

Someone at some ad agency working on the Scotland tourist departments branding is absolutely brillant.  Meet Fivla and Vitamin, Shetland ponies and the poster ponies for Scotland’s tourist organization. Why ponies in sweaters? WHY NOT! How adorable are they!

Shetland ponies and the Shetland sweaters they are wearing are the 2 more popular exports from Scotland, hence the reason for the mysterious combination for marketing tourism.

Ponies in Sweaters People!

Watch how they got the ponies into a sweater.

Texas Tourism Department LISTEN UP! Why not Longhorns in cowboy boots?

You know what else makes me happy? A platypus in a fedora.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees and Other Things Your Toddler Needs to Know About Money

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees and Other Things Your Toddler Needs to Know About Money

toddler-moneyHow many times have you uttered the words…. Money doesn’t grow on trees? 

I know I am guilty of saying that, oh at least 5 times each grocery store trip – and who knows how many when we are at the mall or Target. Kids just don’t get it… but then again, I guess it’s our job to teach them about money.  What should you be teaching your child about money and when? Check out this handy guide on What Your Toddler Needs to Know About Money — it’s what I’m babbling….

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Meet Your New Favorite xBox Kinect Game – Just Dance 4 #cleverjd4

Meet Your New Favorite xBox Kinect Game – Just Dance 4 #cleverjd4

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. #UbiChamps

just dance 4 review

The kids were home all week this week. ALL 4 KIDS. We are in the midst of a move (yes, again – but happy dance because we’re moving into our new home!). Thanksgiving and loads of family are in town this weekend, but the last 5 days while typically I would be pulling my hair out – well it’s been full of DANCING with our new favorite xBox Kinect game – Just Dance 4.

If you are looking for a way to keep the kids busy (and active!) – check out this game!

Just Dance 4 xBox Kinect Game Review

This is our first Just Dance game and it has given me a whole new level of appreciation for the xBox Kinect! This thing is amazing and amazing at making me look like a NERD. More on that later…

Let’s talk about Just Dance 4: (more…)

5 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Family

5 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Family

Our lives are a whirlwind. As any parent knows, the days fly by and life just doesn’t seem to stop. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Downtime seems non-existent. Chores, tasks, work – but where is the FUN? Is this REALLY what it means to have a family???

Tips for spending quality time with your family

Yes. Family means non-stop.

quality family timeNon-stop love. Non-stop noise. Non-stop life. It’s never going to stop so what you have to do is make the most of the time that you have.

We have 4 kids, 4 times the fun right? Sheesh, yes (and love, noise and life!). Over the last year, as a family of 6 we have found various ways to make sure that we stay connected. Here are a few tips to stay connected in a quality way that I hope help!

Spending Quality Time With Your Family

No Family Politics at Dinner

We try to make it a point at least 3 nights a week to all sit down and do dinner together. During this time, we turn the TV off – as well as keep all smart phones and tablets AWAY from the dinner table. No family politics are discussed, no tattle telling, no nit picking – we just try to have a discussion about life. We get each child’s good and bad for the day and talk thru both – it’s one way we try to keep an open communication line between us and the kids. We really try to listen and be attentive because we all know what happens after dinner! CHAOS.

Schedule a Family Movie Night

Since getting our Samsung ES8000, we’ve made it a point to watch family movies together regularly. While typically we use the Netflix app to find a family friendly show, sometimes we’ll use VUDU to download a recent release. We pop popcorn and try to make it as drama free as possible. The little ones don’t typically make it very long, so we will do this right about their bedtime.

Plan Regular Family Outings

With each season, we have regular family activities we do. Then there are always the one off’s, like this past week – we surprised the kids with an evening trip to the state fair. We do try to throw the surprise element in, makes the complaining less 🙂

Find a Way to Connect With Each Child Individually

Each weekend when I go do errands, I pick a kid to spend the afternoon with. I try to include them in the grocery shopping, well at least the older ones. I’ll sneak something in off their endless “can we get this list” and try to do some extra activity like going to lunch or getting our nails done – just to have that 1 on 1 time that we don’t get enough of with 4 kids.

Make Memories Wherever You Go

It’s not about money. It’s not about the creative adventure ahead. It’s about making memories that your child will cherish. So whether it’s a trip the park or a vacation to Italy (see me roll my eyes) – just make the best of it.

How do you spend quality time with your family?

samsung es8000 motion control

A special thanks to Samsung TV for sponsoring this campaign.  Check out the Samsung ES8000 Smart TV (it is amazing! – make sure to check out SKYPE – yes you can SKYPE from your smart TV!)


Digital Mom Printer Review – HP 3052A

Digital Mom Printer Review – HP 3052A

hp 3052a printer

HP 3052a Inkjet All-in-One Printer vs Color Laser Printer

We were recently sent a HP 3052a printer to review.  My first thoughts, ink jet? hrm.. See, for the last few years, I have loved my color laser printer. The printer is quick and the colors are fabulous, but OMG when you need a new laser cartridge, be prepared to empty your savings to buy new ones! But alas, blogging and providing you reviews of technology is my job, so yes Hewlett Packard I will be happy to review your inkjet.

Print From Your iPhone and More!

The HP 3052a printer offers not only an inkjet printer, but a scanner and copier as well. The scanner works fabulous and the copier works great (I just realized I haven’t copied my hand yet! I must get on that!). These are great features that minimizes space and increases usability of the product… but you know what rocks about this Hewlett Packard printer? It’s wireless and you can print from your iPhone, iPad, Android as well!

I did a short video to give you an overview of what the HP 3052a printer does, as well as a demo of how the printer prints from the iPhone.  (more…)