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Ponies in Sweaters – YES!

This made me incredibly happy. Someone at some ad agency working on the Scotland tourist departments branding is absolutely brillant.  Meet Fivla and Vitamin, Shetland ponies and the poster ponies for Scotland’s tourist organization. Why ponies in sweaters? WHY NOT! How adorable are they! Shetland ponies ...Read More

Share Your Family Story

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Samsung ES8000 Smart TV is SO much more than a television. Since receiving our’s 2 months ago, we have spent more time using the “smart” than the TV! Samsung is taking family and has ...Read More

Bad Luck Be Gone

I’ve recently taken up playing the Lotto. After watching some show on TLC about lottery winners, I have my mind set on the fact that I TOO could win, if I just played. Also, that if I won – I could do so much ...Read More