Follow Friday – Blog Style

Follow Friday – Blog Style

Follow Friday

Chris Brogan and then I saw Spence Smith started posting Follow Fridays to their blog rather than Twitter. Well now, how is that for a WELL DUH!

What is Follow Friday?

Not a Tweeter? Wonder what Follow Friday is? The idea is to think of interesting people you already follow and recommend them to others. Check out the history of Follow Friday on Mashable.



Mary, so kind. Big huge heart. No longer addicted to Starbucks

Tweet Suggestion: Send her a Happy Birthday wish, today is her special day!



This is the one and only Laura. I’m lucky enough to work with her and to call her friend. She is crafty, a blogger and an all around swell kindof gal that everyone should know.

Tweet Suggestion:Tweet her a meh. Yes, just the word meh. (do it! please?)



Nicole is another co-worker of mine and my partner in crime. She is a n00b to the twitter world, a blog lurke and is NOT a fan of chocolate cake (but makes a mean one, go figure!)

Tweet Suggestion: Tweet her a line from the movie Step Brothers. Then tell her that her step brother told you to do it.


My little sister. She’s a mad promotions machine, a vegetarian (most of the time), lover of mexican food and shopping.

Tweet Suggstion: Send her a tweet with this "Thigh" – she’ll totally appreciate it. (inside joke – but it will make her cringe, so please do it.)

That wraps up this week in #FollowFridays

Who are you? Follow me and i’ll follow you!