toddler messes

Toddler Messes – Oh the Messes They Make

Toddler Messes Toddler messes - maybe I need not say more! While I had planned to write on a different topic this week, yesterday was a doozy and toddler messes became apparent as the subject I needed to...
Simple savings

If You Think Babies Are Expensive – Just Wait

So with a 9, 7, 2 and 10 month old - we are broke. Well not exactly broke, we are blessed to have everything we have - but any additional funds that we use have before we had kids when we were DINKS (double...
4 Kids in Halloween Costumes is WORK!

Halloween is DONE!

What a Halloween! 4 kids in 4 different costumes, trick or treating - this mom is worn out!
photography and baby

Photography and Your Baby

No longer do we need film, 1 hour film processing or a portrait studio to take photos. With the price drop in DSLR cameras (I heart my Canon 60D) - more and more people are able to shoot a good photo. Get...