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Not Me Monday – 16 and Pregnant

Early morning feedings with a slow feeder is leading me to do something I swore I wouldn’t do (I MAY of even blogged about it…). Well, let’s just say one night while feeding the newbie, thumbing thru on-demand I found the show 16 and ...Read More

So We Had a Baby

We Had a Baby! So we had a baby. After 39 weeks of pregnancy, we had to induce. A crazy weekend of labor pains, a trip to the hospital that led to me sleeping for 19 hours and coming home without baby, lots of ...Read More

13 Weeks Pregnant

13 weeks pregnant. The first week of my 2nd trimester – I was expecting wonderful things. I’ve been waiting to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow  - but its been just the opposite.  Texas is experiencing insane rain fall ...Read More