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Pinteresting Stats

Well Pinterest addicts – the stats show it. There are millions of us. We are no longer alone! No longer do we have to lie about the fabulous dessert we brought to a party being a secret family recipe, we can openly and honestly ...Read More

Disney Buys Babble!

As you may know, I’m a blogger for Babble at Baby’s First Year. And previously blogged my pregnancy at Being Pregnant. Today we got official word that Disney has purchased Babble. Babble will now be housed under Disney Interactive. Brooke Chaffin from Disney Interactive ...Read More

Babbling Pregnancy

This blogging thing is slightly addicting. As mentioned a few months ago, I am a Babble blogger! So babbling pregnancy, that’s what I’ve been doing. Babbling Pregnancy Several times a week I am posting over on Being Pregnant at  So far, it’s been ...Read More