Pinteresting Stats

Pinteresting Stats

pinterest stats digital momWell Pinterest addicts – the stats show it. There are millions of us. We are no longer alone! No longer do we have to lie about the fabulous dessert we brought to a party being a secret family recipe, we can openly and honestly admit it. We found it on Pinterest.

Did you know that Pinterest has over 28 million visitors per month?? It is now ranked as one of the top social networks? This is crazy stuff I tell you.

Pinterest Stats

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Toddler Round Up – August 21

Toddler Round Up – August 21

toddler round-up

Toddler Round Up for Week of August 21st

Here are our toddlers this week:

zeke and izaiah

Zeke has decided that he wants to walk. This past week, he took his first steps. Today he made it a good 10 feet. I’m not liking this.  In addition to walking, he has a new love for the toilet. See photo above. Yes, that is Z’s Barbie drowning at the hands of Zeke. I had to snap it and just laugh.

Izaiah is officially addicted to the iPad. He will sit for hours and just stare and play. Before you go on about me letting my kid stare at an iPad all day, our battery is never charged, he gets maybe 20 minutes before it dies and then there is a scream fest. The photo above was snapped this morning when I heard something weird downstairs. It was Izaiah, he had gone out to the garage and pulled out the Shark Steam Mop. He wanted to steam the floors. Yes, he plugged it in and everything. Except he forgot the steam pad. I got to teach this boy better.