Must Have Tech for Your Next Party

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A few times a year, I get in the mood to host a party. I was sent a tech product a few weeks ago that has me itching to host another shin-dig because it would be the perfect touch for a party.

Introducing this must have tech for your next party, the StriimLIGHT. It’s a smart light bulb. I know, you are probably scratching your head — I was. Then I got the product and realized WOAH, this thing is really cool and would be perfect for a party.

The Smart LED Lightbulb

striimlight smart lightbulb

Here is my dining room. See that fixture? It’s not just any old lightbulb – the StriimLIGHT has changed this room into the perfect party pad – let me show you how/why. The StriimLIGHT is an LED light that comes with a remote control allowing you to adjust it’s color. That’s right – you aren’t stuck with your standard white light – you can go all festive with pink, green, red, blue and so on.

While the light is an awesome feature – that’s not it. The StriimLIGHT also has a bluetooth speaker. That’s right, there is music that plays from any bluetooth device I have it hooked up to.

striimlight smart lightbulb

Are you seeing why I say you need this smart lightbulb for your next party? It’s a light show and speaker all decked into a pretty package. Cool, huh? I think so!

Toddler’s Room

Another idea would be for a kid’s room. I had totally planned on using this for our toddler’s room. This would be awesome in a lamp – especially if your kid is picky about his lighting and music like mine. ┬áI need to buy a different lamp in order for it to work in Zeke’s room – but definitely plan on doing this as I know he will love it.

StriimLIGHT Smart LED Lightbulb

smart lightbulb

  • Easy to integrate with its small size and E14 socket
  • Plays audio right from your Bluetooth┬« music players, including computers and numerous types of smartphones and tablets
  • Infrared remote control for light on/off, sound volume setup and mute
  • Bulb: LED, 110-240v, fits standard E26 or E14 socket
  • Speaker: 3 Watts, 200Hz-20KHz
  • Includes remote control for volume and light.

Purchase the StriimLIGHT Color Mini

Learn more about the StriimLight Color Mini

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