Star Wars Yoga

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Shape up this summer with Star Wars Yoga.  It’s the ultimate geeky workout!

In order to successfully see results from the following geekercise, you must do the following:

  • Put your hair in Princess Leia buns
  • Grab your kids (they’ll love this)
  • Crank up music from Star Wars
  • When you feel the burn, scream out like a Wookie

Shaping Up with Star Wars Yoga

star wars yoga

Downward facing wookie? oh my heavens.

The only thing missing is Yoda. Who wouldn’t want to yoga with yoda? I am thinking he’s quite flexible.

To yoga, I like.


Send me a photo of you doing your favorite Star Wars Yoga pose (and let me use it) and I’ll send you a present. Looking forward to seeing Reclined Jabba pictures. molly at digital mom blog dot com. (You know you want to.)

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