Stacy & Clinton Would Love Me.

Who is expecting a knock at the door from Stacy and Clinton?


Stacy and Clinton are after me

Who’s closet is full of 85% black and grey?



Who’s wardrobe for the last 9 weeks has consisted of yoga pants, a tank top and a fly-away cardigan?


Yoga Pants Love

Okay. Me.

I confess. My wardrobe choices have gone from casual to FRUMP. For the record, yesterday I caught up on 4 weeks worth of laundry. I counted that I own 8 pairs of black yoga pants, over 20 tank tops and 6 fly-away cardigans, so before you start thinking I am wearing the same exact outfit everyday, nope – just looks the same.

4 more weeks of this and then back to business casual.

Oh maternity leave, you make me so laid back and I kindof love it.


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  1. laura elizabeth

    May 23, 2010 at 10:54 pm

    I am cracking up right now!! HA!! Frump?!?! Ohmygawsh. I love you, Molly T.

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