Rules for Touching the Baby Belly

I know, it’s obnoxious. And apparently it’s a magnet for strange touches.

Rules for touching the baby belly

Rules for touching the baby belly

Yes. I am talking about touching the baby belly.

I have had some crazy experiences with strangers and some comical ones with children. Z has this friend who is a 5 year old boy. He came up, started talking to the baby belly and touching it. You’d think it was his teddy bear or something. So sweet and innocent. Then there are the strangers in the grocery store who feel the need to rub as if you are Buddha.

Here are my rules for touching the baby belly..

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  1. The Nerdy Nurse

    June 14, 2011 at 2:03 am

    What is it about a baby that makes people drop all social barriers and taboos.
    No only will they rub your belly, but they’ll asking you about your sex life, peeing, your nipples, bleeding, and any other socially awkward topic.
    Total strangers will do this!

    Just because I’m growing another life inside of me does not make me any less modest or embarrassed!
    (not pregnant now…but when I was. And honestly, I was MORE embarrassed)

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