Awkward Baby Gift: 3D Printed Replica of Your Fetus

3d replica of your fetus - awkward baby gift

Looking for an Awkward Baby Gift? I think we have a winner!

How about a 3D Printed REPLICA OF YOUR FETUS! 


Folks I’m not even kidding.  A Japanese engineering company, Fasotec is offering you “Shape of an Angel” a 3-D printed replica of your fetus while it’s in the womb. shape of an angel 3-d fetus replicaUsing a photograph of your fetus using an MRI, then processing it with a 3D imaging software and THEN sending that to a 3D printer, you’ll end up with a replica of what your bebe looks like.

White resin is used to make the fetus, clear resin is used to make the mother’s womb – and the position that you see? Well it’s the actual positioning of your actual fetus at the time of the MRI.

All of this costs a mere $1,230 and comes in a jewelry box. Your replica fetus measures around 90 x 60 x 40 millimeters.

This brilliance comes from my mother land, JAPAN! We’re brilliant people I tell you!

To my dear sister-in-law that is having a daughter, after 2 boys. Sorry I don’t have a spare $1,230 for this fabulous awkward baby gift.

hat tip to geekosystem

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