Pregnant Again


pregnant again

Here we are, pregnant again... WAIT MOLLY DIDN’T YOU SAY….. Yes, my husband was. BUT UHM. If you are looking for a juicy story on how my marriage is in a tangle because I am pregnant with a baby and my husband had a vasectomy…..

Well good news and bad news. Since I’m the half-fuller…. good news first.

Good news, we are pregnant again!pregnant again with a girl

Bad news the we’re doesn’t include me necessarily. It includes my partner in crime sister-in-law, Stephanie!  Stephanie is pregnant again with her our third baby and it’s a girl, breaking the tradition of boys (our last 5 kids have all been boys). Sorry gossip mongers, no juicy scandalous story here, unless Stephanie isn’t telling me about who the father REALLY is….

Seeing that I love pregnancy, but well – am not with child personally… Stephanie has volunteered to step into the role of pregnant person for all pregnancy-related blog posts on Digital Mom Blog. If you have a pregnancy or baby related product you would like us to review, drop us a line at pr at digital mom blog dot com and let’s connect!

stephanie pregnant

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is a working mom to 2 boys and recently moved to good ol’ Tennessee. She will hate me for writing that she lives there, but you know I hate her for moving – so we’re even, right? In her defense, it’s her husband’s fault.  She is due at the beginning of December and is having a little girl named Madden. We are related by husbands – they are brothers. She is currently 24 weeks pregnant and is in full-on nesting mode buying up anything purple. It’s so much easier being pregnant again when it’s thru someone else!

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Digital Mom Blog was named one of the top Pregnancy blogs in 2011 by Babble. Let’s see if we can make the list again!

We’re excited to have yet another pregnancy journey to follow.

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