Photos from the OB GYN Office


obgyn office photos

Photos from the OB GYN office was my form of therapy. See, I hate going to the doctor, but for the well being of my 4 children – I endured every OBGYN prenatal visit.

Our fourth child was conceived just 8 months after our third, so me and the OB GYN and her staff became pals. My coping mechanism for dealing with the pain of all of these doctor visits was to take stupid photos from inside the OB GYN office. It was seriously therapeutic and offered a small group of friends a good LOL. Yes, that’s right – each OB GYN visit, I would text the photos to several gal pals and soon after they began doing the same. Seeing that 2 of my friends in this circle actually went to the same doctor made it all the more fun. That is until 1 day I was totally BUSTED. Yes, you heard that right the OBGYN walked in on my taking photos of some weird chart. Being the sport and funny gal she is, she informed me she had better charts and proceeded to pose for a photo with one. (I heart her!)

So here are a few, in all their glory. Memories from my days of what seemed like endless prenatal visits. 

Photos from the OB GYN Office

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Okay, I showed you mine – now you show me yours! (KEEP IT CLEAN)

Pull out your phone ladies and start snapping. (I will be soon, good news! My annual is due!) Next time you are OB GYN’ing it – take a pic and post it to our Facebook Page. Please no nudie shots. I am sure you are glorious, but I’m just not into that.