my kids didnt come with instructions

When we left the hospital, the last 4 times we’ve had kids – I was handed a book about caring for myself and a few details about my baby.

The instructions for post-partum were well part of life. The info on my baby included pictures of what my kid’s poop would look like, and then some details about when to worry and call the doctor.

But that’s it.

No instructions on how to parent and raise these children were included with delivery.  As much as we paid for giving birth to these kids – you would think they would at least include a manual!

So all of us parents are in the same boat.  Some days we are left not knowing what to do. How to handle certain situations. Relying on GOOGLE to tell us how to parent. (oh admit it.)

We will make mistakes, and learn from them. 

All that said, I really do wish there would of been instructions about how to parent – specifically talking about when your kids is 18 months old.

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