Cyber Monday Finds

7 Last Minute Cyber Monday Finds You Won’t Want To Miss!

It's Cyber Monday, and I had to share these 7 awesome last minute finds with you. Get it while these prices are HOT! I'm...

Black Friday Haul 2016 – Yes, It Was Totally Worth It!

Black Friday Shopping Haul - that's right, I admit it. I am a Black Friday Shopper. It started many years ago, when I was...


Hour of Code - Teach Kids to Code

Hour of Code – Inspire Your Kid to Try Coding

It's Computer Science Education Week and tens of millions of students in 180+ countries are being introduced to computer science and computer programming through a...
no screens sunday - limiting screen time for kids

No Screens Sunday – Our New Parenting Hack To Limiting Screen Time

No Screens Sunday - our family is all about technology. The older kids have iPhones, the younger kids have tablets. We all have computers. There's...
3D Printer for Kids

A 3D Printer For Kids – Yes, You Read That Right

3D Printer for Kids - you knew this was bound to happen! Just think of it this way. Originally, tablets and computers were made...

Snapchat Spectacles – Snap Connected Sunglasses for the Snap Obssessed

Snapchat Spectacles - you know Snapchat glasses that let you see the world like a snap. Sure it sounds like a good publicity joke,...

YouTube VR App – Virtual Reality Is Now Mainstream

The YouTube VR App released today and I don't know about you - but WOAH this virtual reality thing is now bigger than anything...
technology mom blogger molly thornberg

I’m Molly, a digital lifestyle influencer – and Digital Mom Blog is my online home. Here’s a tad about me: I’m a working mom of 4 kids. I wanted a place to share my love and experiences with both parenting and technology – so in 2009, I started this blog. We talk about technology, parenting, gadgets and geekery. Jump in the conversation and enjoy!


Christmas Broadway Show

5 Family Friendly Christmas Things To Do In Dallas

Every Christmas we have a list of Christmasy-type things we like to do as a family. Yes, I am one of those people who...

10 Gift Ideas for Tweens That Inspire Learning, Creativity and Play

Oh, tween gift ideas - these can leave you scratching your head until the last minute - let me save your sanity and suggest...


TINLEY Rhinestone Studded Snap Fitbit Black Bracelet

Fitbit Accessories for the Fitbit Fanatic

Let's talk about Fitbit Accessories. Last week, I confessed my new obsession with the Fitbit Charge. My husband and I have been having daily...
fitbit pregnant

Fitbit Informs Woman She’s Pregnant, Well Kind Of.

I always love hearing how people find out they are pregnant - plus I have a new Fitbit obsession - so when I read...


Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

10 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe From the Risk of...

With your kids out of school and spending more time on the computer - keep them safe with these 10 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe From the Risk of Cyberthreats. Tips provided from Verizon.
online sex predators

Internet Safety: The Day The FBI Visited Due to a Sex...

When I was 12 the FBI visited my home because of a sexual predator that was on a BBS that I visited. View these tips to help your child identify online exploiters.


Thanksgiving Apps for Kids

7 Thanksgiving Apps for Kids

Thanksgiving apps for kids - we got them! These Apps will keep your kids busy and entertained during the Thanksgiving holiday. Often Thanksgiving can get...