New Twitter Feature – and What’s Next in Social Media?

What's Next in Social Media?

New Twitter Feature: Who’s Following Who?

The thing I think that is stand out about Twitter is they are evolving. Some may like it, some may not – but as we all know – you can’t please everybody.

Twitter’s latest enhancement comes in the form of telling you who else is following someone. Example above: I started following @wootoff – and Twitter tells me which of my friends are following as well.

What’s Next in Social Media?

I was in a meeting recently, and someone stated – First there was MySpace and now I am over Facebook and Twitter – what is next?

That’s the million – or billion dollar question.

6 Degrees of Seperation – Via Social Media Profiles

NOW, what I would love to see is an accurate site that can put together the 7 degrees of separation using social networks.  I’d love to know which of my friends know which of my friends.  This world is too small and there are too many coincidences in life for several of my friends or family not to know each other.

Now someone – please create that.

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