My 9 Year Old Wants a Facebook Account


Facebook is not for 9 year olds

The day has come. Our 9 year old wants a Facebook account. “My friends have Facebook, why can’t i?” “Because your mom is mean and evil.” While I tell my daughter that, the truth is I want to protect her as long as I can and that type of lingo doesn’t compute in her tween head.

As a digital mom, who writes about technology and parenting – you might think I’d be all on board with this, but I totally am not. Yes, the internet itself is full of weirdos and while Facebook may offer ways for me to protect my child and watch who she connects with online, we’re not going there. 

Now this is where I am a total hypocrite. I let my daughter have an Instagram account. It’s locked, I watch it compulsively. I know I could lock down her Facebook account pretty week, but I just don’t want to go there.