LetterLasso Spelling App for Kids

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Looking for a spelling app for kids? Check out LetterLasso!

letter lasso app

LetterLasso is a simple word game that has you connecting or “lassoing” letters together to create words. The more you lasso, the larger your score.  This is a great game for elementary age kids as it encourages thinking and acts as a great brain trainer.

Catch the letters and spell the word.

Watch the Letter Lasso App

Letter Lasso Demo from Pixelbilly Studios on Vimeo.

This app is 99 cents and is available for the iPhone.

Download This App

Learn more at LetterLasso.com

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  1. rahul247rocks@gmail.com' says

    I played letter lasso and enjoyed it very much. It wants you to be really fast and sometimes frustrates you. It’s my second famous iOS wordgame after Letterpress.

  2. jc@the-pregnancymiracle.com'Jenny says

    I think this is a great learning app. With today’s world of short codes and abbreviations. it is good to see something that will teach kids how to spell . Love it

  3. MccuistonShelstad6115@gmail.com'HCG Diet Drops St Louis says

    Unique perspective. Thank you for posting this. I will definitely check again to find out more and inform my people about your website.

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