Guys, I am for real yo (doing my best Jesse Pinkman impression).. The LAUNDRY IS TRYING TO KILL ME.

moldy laundryI have admitted on several occasions about my lack of competency, patience, desire to do laundry. No longer is it just 2 kids in the house, now there are 4. When we had 2, I admit to going to Target and buying clothes on many occasions in an effort to avery the laundry for a few days. Now that there are 4 kids, I just can’t do that. Well that, and the 2 older kids require school uniforms which means they have to have certain clothes clean and pressed (I hadn’t pulled out my iron in 5 years – and now I have to pull it out weekly – there is something wrong with this school uniform thing.)

Last night, it was getting late and the kids needed their school uniforms cleaned. I went to put them in the washer and I found this.

3 day old stinky moldy laundry in the washer.

PLEASE tell me that this has happened to you and that I’m not the only one who deal with moldy smelling clothes.

So I can’t just rewash the moldy clothes because I have uniforms that MUST be cleaned for the next morning. What a pain in the rear.

Our dear Lord and savior made me to do great things on this Earth, but I can promise you in that plan – laundry wasn’t one of them.

I am trying. I am failing. I keep telling myself it’s okay. And then I slip on a clothes hanger in the middle of the night that is in our bedroom floor because I had started folding laundry and put it all on the bed and then the husband goes to sleep. The clean clothes are then shuffled everywhere, including the floor. And now I AM SLIPPING ON A CLOTHES HANGER because the laundry is trying to kill me.


Laundry is just another thing that I didn’t see in the mom job description. I guess it’s here to stay. If my kids clothes or my clothes smell – just pass me the Febreeze and know that I am trying. It’s just that my trying – REALLY isn’t working.

The only positive – I discovered a new mom hack. I learned how to make moldy laundry not smell anymore.  Now my funky smelling clothes that were sitting in the washing machine for 3 days, can not reek SO bad. People this is huge in this laundry-hating house!

How to Get Rid of Moldy Smelling Laundry

mildew smell laundry

  • Turn your washer on to hot.
  • Dump 2-3 cups of vinegar into the washer – I didn’t put in soap dispenser, just straight into the washer
  • Place moldy clothes or towels into the washer.
  • NO SOAP.
  • Wash on the longest cycle (our’s offers an extra rinse, use that if you can)

SHAZAM! Of course, I followed this up with the dryer and dryer sheets to give a fresh smell. Your clothes will most likely have a hint of vinegar smell to them after washing, but this goes away. So don’t worry, you don’t have to go around smelling like a rotten egg.

I did read that hanging your clothes out in the sun is a great way to dry them. Here in the suburbs, I think my H.O.A. would have a cow. Maybe I should try it. (P.S. How 2013 am I? I’ve never hung laundry out to dry!)

How to Remove the Mildew Smell From Laundry