ipotty potty training

Check out one of the latest toddler tech products that launched at CES this year. It’s the iPotty. No, we aren’t kidding. It’s a toilet with a waterproof iPad stand. So yes, your toddler can play on his iPad on the toilet…. just like his daddy.

The marketer in me says SMART. The mom in me knows that potty training (which, I am TOTALLY avoiding right now) is a pain in the arse and anything to keep a kid entertained as they learn to understand the whole urinating in a toilet not your diaper thing. But then there is the other side of me that really doesn’t want my kid sitting on the toilet playing with an iPad.

But like all things parenting, this is one of those – do whatever works for you. I’m sick of people judging how someone else parents. And who knows… if my booger bear who is up for potty training could easily train with an iPotty – then I just may change my personal opinion about iPads, kids and toilets.

What Do You Think? iPotty – Yay or Nah?

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