If you can’t tell, I kind of heart technology in a big way. With my first kid, the 3-D/4-D ultrasounds were way new and way expensive. The second, we had no idea of the sex and didn’t want to know – so number 3, I knew we had to get a 4-D ultrasound. I am just about 34 weeks and to get a good picture, it’s recommended to have the ultrasound done between 26-34 – so yesterday was the day.

We went to First Vu Imaging and had a great experience. The tech was ultra accomodating to me and my crazy kiddos. The room provided a nice comfy bed for me to lay on, there were couches for the kiddos and Sean, and a projector for the ultrasound. I knew we were in for an experience, but I had no idea.

Wow and tears is all I can say. We all watched in awe as we met little Izaiah in his current home. It was like a window peeking into his world. While he did look kind of like a claymation character in development, you could see him suck his hands, open his mouth, move around and hit himself in the head with his foot. It was totally surreal to feel this baby move inside my belly, see him on the screen reacting at the same time – and having the kids jump up and down each time he did something so small.

Z and E haven’t stopped talking about it and have watched the video below over and over. My little E has demonstrated how he to can kick himself in the head with his foot.

Here is a condensed version of what we saw, the video in full was over 25 minutes:


So in 6 weeks we’ll meet this little guy. He’ll change our world forever. Until then, we wait (some of us more comfortably than others).

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