If Not Now, When?


if not now, when?

I walked into work, noticed how messy my desk was and proceeded to start cleaning it before even plugging in my laptop. (hello Nesting.)

I noticed something as I was wiping down my desk. Sitting behind my monitor was this round silver, size of a nickel coin that said, “If not now, when?“. The odd thing is, I have no idea who put this on my desk. But it made my day. The crazy meeting-ridden day full of agendas and initiatives – had me stirring with this thought.. what am I waiting for?

What am I holding off on in my life?
What am I not experiencing because I’m in a holding pattern, waiting for _______________?
What is it? and WHEN?

So while I try to convince my husband we need to RV around the US and live off the land with these 4 kids – this idea will have me continually stirring as to what I need to change in my life.

What about you? Is there something you are ready to do but aren’t because of this or that or what have you?

What Are You Holding On? and Why Not Hit Go?




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