Oh Friday

Friday, where have you been all week? You are here to make this weekend awesome, right?

It’s Been a Crazy Week

The baby has had a fever the last 2 days.

sick baby

This is the face of insomnia people, 3 hours of sleep a night is killing me! I’m delirious I tell you!

face of insomnia

Kids roasting a penny in the toaster – my kids got talent!

penny in a toaster

And more random happenings…

Give Me the Weekend

I’m so ready for the weekend! Let’s cut this Friday short and just declare it Saturday already, any takers?

My dad goes in for an angioplasty today, so if you are the praying kind – please send a quick one up to the BIG Guy. Or positive vibes, we’ll take what we can get!

Hopefully this will be another weekend full of house showings and, crossing my fingers and my toes – an offer. But time will tell and it’s all not MY timing.

Thanks to Toyota, we’ll be attending the Taste of Dallas this weekend. If you are at the foodie event, make sure to check out The Toyota Creation Station,  located to the right of Taste of Dallas’ main stage. I heard there will be shrinky dinks!

Adult Capri Suns

And if you are of the enjoying a sip of liquor kind, this is an unpaid, unsponsored, announcement. I love you, so I’m letting you in on this 5% alcohol g Go buy a Daily’s peach daiquiri frozen pouch. Daily’s frozen pouches are like adult Capri Suns! They are only $1.99 each and believe me, you’ll thank me later. Cheers to you Moms – you deserve it, but drink responsibly.

dailys peach daiquiri


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