HAPPY DANCE – I’m Headed to Blissdom!


blissdom conference

SXSWi was out of the picture this year (hello Baby, your father doesn’t want you to be born in Austin). So I’m headed to Blissdom next week instead!

At first glance, I thought it would be a good fit for a lot of things going on personally and in business – so thought, why not. So, I signed up – and the closer the event gets the more stoked I become! And come to find out, several people I know from various aspects are going as well! And did I mention it’s at the Opryland Hotel? FUN!

Anywhoo — yesterday the doorbell rang, and unfortunately it wasn’t a Girl Scout selling cookies – (because at this stage in pregnancy I would most likely buy 10 boxes of thin mints and then regret it when they arrived after the baby gets here). It was our next door neighbors with a box that had been delivered to their house.

Sean gave me a “what did you buy now” look.

What greatness did I receive? A wonderful welcome box from Blissdom:

Blissdom fun
Enclosed was a folder welcoming me with the weekend’s itinerary, a popcorn bowl with popcorn, redbox gift card, a Poken, a card from Hallmark and a coupon book full of freebies! Super fun! and super thanks Blissdom and Conagra Foods and Hallmark for the hook-up.

The Hallmark card cracked me up – since “You know what?” “CHICKEN BUTT” is a constant joke with my 4 and 6 year olds. My 4 year old loves the card so much, here he is doing his happy dance with it:


Working in the event management business, I have to say how impressed I am with the information I received in my welcome packet. I recently was a part of planning a seminar for 2,100 women. The details are horrendous and you have to get it RIGHT. Blissdom did just that. The verbiage was well written, warm and receptive. The event information was thought thru – including great traveling tips from TravelingMom.com – and there is even information on making sure your orders at home are taken care of (everything from kid and elder care, pets and more!).

So looking forward to this event. And did I mention HARRY CONNICK JR. is going to be there? Can you say *swoon*!?!?

Are you headed to Blissdom? Let me know!


  1. Totally hate I'm going to miss hanging out with you, but you're right — they do get it right! Alli and Barbara and their team have done an outstanding job of getting information out!! Definitely things to pick up on there! Have a great time!