Hanging with Friends FAQ

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Looking for general Hanging with Friends answers?

How Much is Hanging with Friends?

For a limited time you can download the ad-free Hanging with Friends iPhone app for $.99 (regularly $2.99). There is a free version of the app as well.

What Platforms is Hanging With Friends Available On?

Hanging with Friends is currently only available on the iPhone.  So, no iPad or Android Hanging with Friends app – YET. Zynga is too smart to keep it away from these, so expect them in the near future.

How Many Hanging With Friends Games Can I Play At Once?

You can play up to 20 Hanging with Friends Games at one time!

When Did Hanging With Friends iPhone App Release?

The Hanging with Friends iPhone app released on June 9, 2011 – from the creators of Words With Friends, Zynga.

What is the Point System with Hanging With Friends?

Zynga took the point system from Words with Friends and added it in with a new twist.  Points earn you coins. Coins can be used to buy lifelines to give you hints on tough to guess words.

How Do I Play Hanging With Friends?

Check out our page on How to Play Hanging with Friends.