Halloween Nerd Costumes – Ideas for Girls and Boys

Updated: Looking for a Halloween Nerd Costume – well you’ve come to the right place.  The infamous nerd costume is easy to do, can be done on the cheap – and who doesn’t love a geek?

Nerd Costumes Ideas for Halloween

A few years ago, my then 8 year old insisted on going as a nerd for Halloween. To put together her Halloween nerd costume, we hit up the local thrift store and scored this ensemble

Halloween Nerd Costume

Halloween Nerd Costumes

  • Geek glasses (taped, OF COURSE)
  • Oversized khaki pants – thrift store find
  • Tweety bird vest – thrift store find (and she won’t throw it away ARGH!)
  • Girl scout shirt – thrift store find
  • Hair in various pony tails
  • Mismatched sock

This DIY costume worked out fabulous. She loved it and received rave reviews from her friends.

If you are putting together a nerd costume, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Mis-Matched Nerd

Easy, DIY with a few things from the closet:
nerd costume 1
image source: kaboose

Nerds Candy Costume

Go and be a literal nerd. Decorate a box like a Wonka Nerds candy:

nerds costume 2
Talk about nerdy!
  • Rolled up pants
  • Poster board featuring Nerds candy
  • Carrying a calculator
  • Reading a book
  • Geek glasses (taped, OF COURSE)
  • Those SOCKS with those shoes!

image source: She Knows

Pocket Protector Nerd

nerd costume 3

This nerd costume kind of looks like a bad Mormon missionary outfit

image source: Trend Hunter

Easy Geek Costumes to Buy

Not into DIY costumes? No problem! Check out these solutions to make your Halloween easy!

Nerd Costume Kit

nerd costume kit

Not in the mood to DIY your nerd costume? No problem! Amazon sells a Nerd Costume Kit for just $7.99 featuring all the basics of a nerd (glasses, pocket protector)

Geek Hipster Costume

hipster costume

Aren’t all hipsters a bit geeky? Another great Amazon costume bundle – Geek Hipster Costume.

Nerds Candy Costume


Or you could be a real nerd, as in Nerds candy! Check out this Nerds Candy Costume

Easy Nerd Shirt Costume

This is the perfect costume to wear to work – an easy nerd shirt

Have more ideas for Halloween Nerd Costumes? Hit us up on the comments!

Molly Thornberg is a creator. She made 4 awesome kids, too-many-to-count blogs and disasters anytime she tries to DIY. She is an introverted extrovert, believer in grace, all-around geek and total type-B parent. Molly and her family circus reside in Dallas, TX

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