Giveaway Time!

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WINNERS! Thanks to all who entered our giveaway. Winners were contacted via email. To see a list of who won, see below.

It’s Giveaway time here on Digital Mom Blog. This go round we have some great items that 13 of our fans will receive (I wish I could give you all something, but 13 of you lucky chickens will win!)

Giveaway Time

giveaway time

Without further ado, here are the prizes for our May Giveaway.  We will select a total of 13 winners to receive 1 of the following giveaways!

$75 Visa Gift Card – compliments of Digital Mom Blog

visa gift card

Digital Mom Blog (yes, that’s us!) is giving away $75 Visa gift card giveaway – money to spend however you would like!

Congrats to Sarah! Winner of the $75 Visa gift card.

$25 Microsoft Store Gift Card – compliments of MSN

microsoft store credit

Thanks MSN for offering Digital Mom Blog readers the chance to win $25 credit at the Microsoft store. Someone please buy a Microsoft Surface and let me play with it!

Congrats to JJ ! Winner of the Microsoft credit

My Princess Bible Purse – compliments of Tommy Nelson


Teach your children about the Fruits of the Spirit (gifts God gives to us such as love, joy, peace and patience). This fabulous book with a fun little handle is fun for both parents and children. Learn more at Tommy Nelson.

Congrats to Lynne! Winner of the My Princess Bible Purse

Hawaiian Tropics is Giving Away 10 sets!

hawaiian tropics

That’s right, 10 of you will win a set of sunscreen. If you are pale like me – with the summer weather approaching quickly, you can never have enough of this stuff!

Congrats to: Joshua, Annamarie, Kelly, Deana, Carisa, Jill, Tammy,  Madeline, Shelly and Heidi – Winners of the Hawaiian Tropics Set

Hawaiian Tropics is looking for a woman who best embodies beauty, confidence, style, enjoying the sun AND keeping skin healthy. The winner will appear in new, national Hawaiian Tropic advertising, receive an all-expense-paid tropical vacation and serve as an official brand spokesperson. Learn more on the Hawaiian Tropics Facebook Page.

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She loves technology, putting googly eyes on random photos, collecting pictures of random grandmas and living life how she wants.

81 Responses

  1. Lynne Childress

    April is nice because it’s not disgustingly hot yet, but I’m still a fan of Winter.

  2. Jennifer Morrison

    Favorite thing about April? Easter! It’s usually in April….

  3. Rebecca A

    My summer bucket list is to get tan (of course!) and help children at the local hospital because seeing others smile makes me smile :)

  4. Adriana Canon

    Plans for this summer include vacation trip to Mexico and continue working while my kids are at day camps and then in the afternoons enjoy biking and swimming.

  5. Tammy S

    On our summer bucket list is to go white water rafting. The kids really want to try it.

  6. Liza

    really do not have any thing but win lots of giveaways for x-mas presents :)

  7. Jill M

    My summer bucket list includes a trip to the Okanagan valley to visit some wineries

  8. Hannah M.

    This is my LAST official summer, as next year I have classes for my Physician Assistant program all through the summer and then I’ll be working fulltime! So I have a lot of things on my bucket list, but the biggest is just to do things I wouldn’t normally do. If I find myself saying no to something, I re-evaluate and ask myself why I’m saying no. I’ve done a few new things since I got out of school, and I want to continue to do so! :)

  9. latoya

    One of the main goals on my summer bucket list is to exercise more and lose a few pounds.

  10. joshua T

    my summer bucket list wish is to be near the beach for most of summer!

  11. Angie B.

    I want to go blackberry picking with the kids and make a homemade blackberry pie

  12. Heather S.

    We will be going to the beach!
    hschonrock at yahoo dot com

  13. Veronica R

    Our summer list includes the Please Touch Museum and Sesame Place and a day at the beach.

  14. Sally

    What is on your summer bucket list? Read 20 books! I’m on book 5 already!

  15. jessi randall

    My summer bucket list is to go to the park every day and get our sillys out. We had a rough winter indoors!

  16. Sara

    Having a healthy baby in August is top of my summer bucket list.

  17. Heather Hayes Panjon

    A Road Trip To Chicago Is On My List! I Love Summer Travel!

  18. Jay M

    Bucket list is to spend at least 1 day a week at the beach, BBQ every weekend, and read a ton of books!

  19. Melissa E

    to savor each day with my kids. (And to remember that they will eventually go back to school, lol!)

  20. Teresa Thompson

    I plan to hit the pool and waterpark whenever possible.

  21. Deana Stephens

    My summer bucket list – swimming, picnics, and camping!

  22. Wendy Lindsey

    To be able to run a mile without stopping, or being taken by ambulance when I reach the finish line! Thx for the giveaway! 😀
    welindsey at gmail dot com

  23. Lenora D

    The science museum. The kids can do all the hot outdoor stuff with their aunts.

  24. Laura Jacobson

    On our summer bucket list, we want to go to the amusement park thats not too far away!

  25. Teresa M

    Going to camp with my daughter and spending some time at the beach during the weekends.

  26. Thomas Murphy

    one thing on My summer bucket is to go white water rafting

  27. Cuddlesome Bear

    Going to the beach! That would be a wonderful thing to do this summer. But I am not planning on kicking the bucket before the summer ends. ha-ha

  28. Nichole

    Hello, Have the winners been chosen for this giveaway yet? Thanks.


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