Gender Reveal Video

I wanted to share something with you, it’s our gender reveal video. It’s quite funny. Here we are with our third pregnancy, we have NO idea what the sex is. We asked our doctor to put the gender in an envelope and we would let the kids do the big gender reveal via video.


Yesterday Sean and I went to a specialist for a hi-def ultrasound of Itty Bitty. Dr. P (my obgyn) suggests at between 11-13 weeks going to do this for screening for any abnormalities.  We had about 30 minutes with the ultrasound tech – watching the screen as she checks this and that.  Itty Bitty looks beautiful! All tests were passed with flying colors. We would love I.B. regardless – but knowing we have a healthy baby is sigh of relief.

gender reveal video

After the tech was complete, the Doctor came in and did his screening and then asked  if we wanted to know the sex. After much debate, we decided the best way to go was to have it written down, put in an envelope and then find out as a family what the sex of our new addition is.   Some how we managed to wait 24 hours.  So, this afternoon, we gathered around the couch and did the big reveal. Of course I had to capture our gender reveal on video.

Funny Gender Reveal Video

Watch my son’s reaction. It’s PRICELESS.


Uhm. Can you say ULTRASOUND MISTAKE? We are having a BOY!

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    Danielle says, "That's funny, Mom!" He must have wanted a brother :-)

    Congrats. Loved the video. Priceless. Save that to show E a few years from now.


    How my gosh I loved that video. Like you are purposely having a girl to deprive him of a brother! :) Kids are so funny!


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