Fun Photo Valentines Day Card

    OH this DIY Pinterest! This photo Valentines Day card, I absolutely fell in love with it and the kids agreed – this is what we’d make for their Valentine’s cards this year.

    The project would of been super easy if:

    1. I only had to create for 1 child
    2. I had bought enough lollipops (10 pm at Target, they know me well there!)

    Other than that – this totally fun photo valentine’s day card was a cinch to make! Here is how I did it.

    photo valentines day card

    Valentine’s Day Photo Card Supplies

    • Digital photo of your kid (see instructions below)
    • Printer
    • PicMonkey (see below)
    • Cardstock Paper
    • Valentine’s Day Suckers
    • Scotch Tape

    First I positioned the kids outside in good light against a brick wall. I liked the background and was going for quick and easy – so without doing a full on photo shoot, the brick wall would have to do.


    I have the kids position their arms in various high angles. Shoot a few different shots and angles – that way one of them is BOUND to work!


    I use Adobe Lightroom for all of my photo editing and bring it into Photoshop for text – but that is ME, and for a quick easy solution without having to buy fancy photo editing software – I would recommend just throwing your photo in PicMonkey. It’s free and easy to use, plus has several fun fonts and features for editing your photographs and graphics.


    I printed these off on cardstock paper.


    I used an X-acto knife to cut a slit for the sucker to slide in. You can use scissors as well, just be careful not to cut yourself (OMG I just went all mom on you, via my blog – sorry!)


    Slide the Valentine’s Day suckers into the slit.


    Tape the sucker on the back of the card, this will prevent it from flying out.


    Because I am simple folk – we bypassed the envelopes in order to keep it easy, plus with the clunky Valentine’s day suckers it would of been a pain.

    That’s it folks, and you have yourself a darling homemade FUN photo valentines day card that will be memorable and a hit with your kids!


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