Friday, I’m in Love


friday im in love

Friday, I’m in LOVE! Regardless of what a crappy week it’s been for any of us, why is that Friday just feels like a breath of FRESH air?

Here’s is what I’m loving from this week:

Family Time

attempting the family bed

Sorry kids, too many of you for us to share a family bed. If you look VERY close, little Zeke is squished in between Izaiah and Z.

Wish summer here, we’ve been spending LOTS of time together. Fortunately the kids haven’t killed each other yet. Keyword: YET.

All Things Peach

peach bellini

Oh the Peach Bellini, how tasty you are! I had possibly the best Peach Bellini at Urban Crust in downtown Plano, TX last week. This week, I was craving peach and have found at home solution and quick fix for my peach drink obsession. Daily’s Peach Daquiris! OMG – just stick in the freezer for 8 hours, then run hot water over the bag. Next dump into a cup and CHEERS. Believe me, you’ll thank me later.

Target Printed Palazzo Pants

target palazzo pants

This week we learned how Target steals all of our money. Well, this is how Target stole $19.99 more from me. I saw these wide leg pants and it’s like they magically flew into my basket! These printed palazzo pants are navy and white. I bought a peach top to pair with them. While I love these, I need to find a cute pair of wedges, or grow long legs so I can wear my flip flops. *sigh* #ShortLegsProblems

link love

Ella’s Kitchen Giveaway!

Ella’s Kitchen sent Zeke some yummies. If you haven’t tried pouched baby food and are a mom on the go, try them! I’m hosting a giveaway for a collection of baby snacks from Ella’s Kitchen on Babble. Enter for your chance to win!

Most Photogenic Baby and Mom

Check out this photo of a baby who was just born and look at that MOM. WTH! After giving birth, I looked like I had been ran over by a train.

Spoiling Dad

While Father’s Day may have passed, it’s never too late to spoil the man who fathered your babies! 7 Ways to Spoil Dad

 13 Months

How cute is Mallory! My friend Amanda’s little girl turns 13 months and her face makes me MELT.

The Little Nudist

To be young and free and NEKKID! Danielle’s little girl likes the nudist life. I bet she takes after her mom (love you Danielle).

And just in case you have the song playing on repeat (or in the event you’ve never been introduced) – let me give you your fix:

Apps for Mothers of Infants

My blog pal Cinita recently had the most darling baby girl! Check out there app recommendations for infants.

Friday I’m in Love by the Cure


What is your love for the week?


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