Follow Your Bliss


Follow Your Bliss

Follow your bliss… Cleaning out my daughter’s room, I found this necklace I received at Blissdom.

Follow Your Bliss.

bliss [blɪs]

1. perfect happiness; serene joy

2. (Christian Religious Writings / Theology) the ecstatic joy of heaven

What is YOUR Bliss? This past weekend in Operation Prep House For Baby, we moved my office. I now have a corner in our bedroom, complete with a computer armoire and my Big Mac (yes, I name my Mac, don’t judge!). I’ve spent so many hours the last 3 days, listening to music, designing, editing and writing. Things that I forget how much I love to do but when I get into my zone, all troubles disappear and I’m transformed to heaven.

I need to be reminded to zone to my bliss. Finding this happy place reminds me that working is worth it and though the work life balance is tough, it’s so worth doing the dance to achieve.

So tell me, I want to know! What is YOUR Bliss?!