50+ Hilarious Fitbit Memes – Share These With Your FitBit Friends!

Fitbit memes, you say? I’ve got your funnies right here. I’ve been yapping for the last month about how much I adore my Fitbit, so it shouldn’t surprise you that i’ve rounded up my favorite Fitbit memes. Hit the share button and share on Facebook, hover over each image and you can easily share on Pinterest. That’s what a good meme does, and I think these Fitbit memes are pretty hilarious and perfect for sharing with those of us who obsess a little too much about this wearable.

Laugh, share and step on. 10k!

50+ Hilarious Fitbit Memes

From Fitbit cheaters, dying batteries, forgetting to put on your Fibit, the addictive habit of checking the Fitbit app, hitting 10,000 steps, challenging your friends, racking up steps by jamming in the car, complaining because lifting at Crossfit isn’t helping your step count – here are the IRL things that we complain and can laugh at with these Fitbit memes.

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