Family Fun Friday – Staying Active


family outing

Finding ways to stay active as a family can be challenging with 4 kids that are at various ages. Our kids’ ages are 9, 7, 2 and 1. The 1 year old can’t walk yet. The 2 year old RUNS (away). The 7 year old is chill and the 9 year old wants to do her own thing (yes, already).  Finding activities that we can all do together and all remain happy? Well… we’ve narrowed that down to 1. That 1 is going to our local park.

The local park that features what they call a lake and I call a pond – as well as trails, a playground, lots of grassy knolls and DUCKS – a ton of them!feeding ducks

Everyone enjoys the park. From the moment our SUV doors open – BOOM – the kids are off and running. ACTIVE. ENERGY EXERTED. EVERYONE HAPPY. What else can a mom ask for?


The only downside at the particular park we love, is those ducks I mentioned. Well that and the lake. See, our 2-year old LOVES to taunt the ducks. They are slightly vicious and get mad and either charge him (the agressive ones) or run back to the lake (the scared ones). Either way, it means, Izaiah is either close to being attacked OR running towards the ducks i.e. LAKE. Get my drift?  Never the less – it’s a fun time and a great way to get rid of old bread!

Our older kids end up doing a lap around the lake (I told you, it’s more of a pond people!) and scream and cry as soon as we tell them that playground time is over.  Overall, the park provides us a few hours out of the house, for a minimal cost and allows everyone to get their exercise on in a non-traditional more of play-type fashion.

On a positive note, typically the 20 minute ride home is peaceful and quiet as the kids sleep!

Exercise and the Virtual Mirror

We really try to keep the family active because at our current state (we are in the midst of a move) – putting the kids in sports isn’t feasible. And, well to tell you the truth – while I would love to say we are outdoorsy, we aren’t.  One way we are encouraging the kids to get their move and groove on is by exercising using the television.  Our Samsung ES8000 Smart Tv has an amazing feature that utilizes the camera that is built-in to the TV. It’s a mirror effect, so basically you do a workout video and half of the screen shows YOU exactly what you are doing – just like a mirror. But you can also see the instructor on the screen.

samsung smart tv virtual mirror

It’s way cool and the kids can’t get enough of it. While I am using it as well – I find me working out with the kids on videos to be too – well not best for the family. There is nothing like your 9 year old daughter saying “Mom, I don’t think that’s the right pose.” Love you too Z. 

How Do You Stay Active With Your Family – Indoors? What About Outdoors? 

A special thanks to Samsung TV for sponsoring this campaign.  Check out the Samsung ES8000 Smart TV (it is amazing! – did I tell you Pandora is an app? Yes, I have Adele singing thru my house most of the day.)