Facebook Profile Addition: Announce You Are Expecting

announce you are expecting on facebook


You can now find out when your friends are expecting or announce you are expecting via Facebook by a simple update to your profile. Hello new way to announce your pregnancy!


update your facebook profile

How to Update Your Facebook Profile To Expecting:


  • Under your photo in the upper left side, you will see “Edit my profile”. Click this
  • Click the Family and Friends tab from the next set of menus
  • Click Add another family member
  • Under relationship – you’ll find the option of child: expected with a place to put in your due date and baby’s name

Should You Update Your Facebook Profile?

This is up to you. As I sit here ready to deliver our fourth child, I keep thinking that if I had updated my status and my due date came and went – would it let me friends know? And how many messages on Facebook would I get asking me WHEN IS THE BABY GOING TO BE HERE, in which I would shoot off nasty replies :)

To each there own! As for me and my uterus, we’re not updating our Facebook status.

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