Facebook Pages & Twitter Are Now Talking!


Faceboook Fan Pages and Twitter

So Facebook, you decided to wise up and embrace the greatness of Twitter for Fan Pages. Well good for you Facebook, and good for us!

Here’s the downlow: You can now have your Facebook Fan Pager status updates, links, photos, notes and event creations tweet the world – sending your tweeps back to your Facebook Fan Page. I actually like this much better than Tweeting and the tweets landing on your Fan Page.  The groups I work with, do a lot of re-tweeting and the amount of tweets would be ultra annoying to a fan page.

How do you sync your Facebook Fan Page to your Twitter account?

First, you have to be an admin to the Fan Page.  Other than that – linking the 2 accounts is super easy.

  • Goto: http://www.facebook.com/twitter/
  • Click Link a Page to Twitter button
  • Select the Link to Twitter button next to the page you would like to link up
  • Select YES to allow facebook access

Grant Facebook Access to Twitter

  • Last step is selecting which items you want sent to Twitter when you update:

Facebook Access

  • Click Save Changes
  • That’s it! You can now enjoy having to tweet one less tweet!

I’m interested to see if this helps in bringing Twitter fans to Facebook pages.  Let me know what your experience is. Are you seeing more of a response by tweeting out your Fan Page updates?