how to export rss from google reader

Google Reader is dying. On July 1st, it will take it’s last breath and go to Google heaven. While sure this is sad if you are an avid fan – there are numerous alternatives!  Before jumping into those, let’s look at how to take your feeds from Google Reader and export them into an XML file. By doing this you will then be able to import your feeds into your new RSS reader of choice.

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Let’s get started.

How to Export Your RSS Feeds From Google Reader

Login to Google Reader

Export google reader rss

Say goodbye, but don’t cry – you are onto something better and new!

Visit Google Takeout

use google takeout

Google Takeout can be used for exporting any of your Google data, but in this case we just need your feeds exported.

Click Create Archive

create archive in google takeout

Yes, just a simple click!

Download Your Content

google takeout

This may take a second, but once it’s done – click the download button and save.

SHAZAM! Keep your zip file in a handy location. Visit your new RSS reader and import your XML file. Easy peasy simple, right?

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