Do you have children in diapers? With a 10 month old and a new baby on the way – the thought of ANOTHER expense makes my head spin.  Thankfully diapers & wipes have been an item where we’ve been able to save a wee bit of money. And another perk? They are delivered to our door!

Here’s the scoop on how we’re saving on diapers:

Discount Diapers & Wipes Delivered to Your Door

amazon mom

Amazon started a program several months back called Amazon Mom. With this program, you get an initial 3-month free membership to Amazon Prime.  Amazon Prime gives you free 2-day shipping on ANY order size, not the standard $25. Yes, you can order a $1.99 baby food item and they’ll ship it for free. Every $25 worth of baby merchandise you purchase earns you an additional month of prime membership! If you already have an Amazon Prime membership – Amazon will refund you the amount you have left on your annual fee and kick-start this program.

In addition to the free two-day shipping, the biggest perk to me is the 30% off diapers and wipes. Here’s the dealio on what you need to do to make the 30% work for you.

Amazon has a program called Subscribe and Save.  The idea is that you subscribe, Amazon gives you an additional 15% discount – you are shipped products and then you continue to receive  (and are billed) for that product until you cancel at the intervals you choose. Amazon also gives you 15% for signing up for the Amazon Mom program. This 15% + 15% discount is what gives you the 30% discount.

How to Use Subscribe & Save

So you have joined the Amazon Mom program and then you are surfing around for the diapers or wipes that you are wanting to purchase. When you get to a page eligible for the 30% discount – you will see an item such as this:

discount diapers and wipes

The top shows you that this product will extend your Amazon Prime membership.
The blue box below the product shows you that you get 30% off with Amazon Mom and Subscribe & Save.

To the right of the product you will see a purchase box – that allows you to put the diapers in your cart – or to Subscribe and Save.  Choose 6 months – and then click Subscribe Now.

subscribe and save to get discount diapers and wipes

You will then be taken thru the purchase process immediately.  Your discounted diapers or wipes will be on their way – shipped FREE 2-day.

Now here is the second part. You have signed up to have diapers delivered every 6 months, in which Amazon would bill your card.  Chances are you’ll be lucky if your kid lasts in that diaper size for 2 months – 6 months is a joke! So all you have to do after you place your order is cancel the subscription.  It’s simple and easy to do with a few clicks!

How To Cancel Subscribe & Save

  • Click on Your Account in the top right corner.
  • Click on Manage Your Subscribe and Save Items
  • Click on CANCEL THIS SUBSCRIPTION (see below)

cancel subscription and save

That’s it! Ta-da! Welcome to discounted diapers and wipes delivered to your door.

My Favorite Discount Diaper and Baby Wipes Deals

discounted baby wipes

Pampers Soft Care Scented Wipes, 720 Count

Only $12.50! Delivered to your door!

discount diapers

Pampers Swaddlers – Newborn – 84 Count

Only $12.94! Delivered to your door!

Hope this saves you a little bit of change!