Pokémon Go Definitions

    So you are playing the game or hearing your kids talk about this app and you have NO IDEA WHAT IN THE WORLD they are talking about. Been there, done that – so decided what better way to get parents in the know then to create a list of commonly sought after Poké terms. We hope this serves as an easy guide, think like a Pokémon GO Dictionary for terminology.

    pokemon definitionsPokémon Go Definitions

    Here are commonly searched for Pokemon terms:


    You can see the AR switch when trying to capture a Pokemon, but what is AR? This stands for AUGMENTED REALITY.pokemon creatures

    Ingress App

    Ingress is an augmented-reality massively multiplayer online location-based game developed by Niantic, originally part of Google. Released in 2012, Ingress is said to be what the Pokémon Go app is based off of.

    Learn more Ingress.com


    As you begin playing, you are given 2 incense. Incense can also be purchased and found within the game.

    Incense post:

    • 1 Incense for 80 Poke Coins
    • 8 Incense for 500 Poke Coins
    • 25 Incense for 1250 Poke Coins

    You can find them at Poke Stops when you are level 5 or higher.

    Incense are used to attract more Pokemon to you. They last for 30 minutes. If you are traveling with a team, incense can affect players nearby – only the player using the incense is more likely to find more uncommon and rare Pokemon.


    Lure attract wild Pokémon. These are purchasable items that work like more powerful incense. They are attached to a specific location – a Poke Stop of your choosing (several retail stores are using these lures to increase business!)  They attract a wide variety and number of pokemon to the attached Poké Stop.

    When you deploy a lure at a Poké Stop  – it can be seen on the map with a shower of pink petals around the stop and can be seen by all players. Pokemon attracted to the location can be found by any player at that location which makes this a great features to use with friends. Expect a new Pokemon will show up approximately every 3 minutes.

    Poké Balls

    Poké Balls are a type of item that is critical to a Trainer’s quest, used for catching and storing Pokémon.

    what is a pokeball

    Poké Coins

    Poké coins are the in-game game currency. These are for in-game purchases – you first buy Poke Coins and then use those coins to purchase any of the following in the shop: poke balls, incense, lucky eggs, lure modules, egg incubator, bag upgrade, or a pokemon storage upgrade.

    Here is a quick rundown of what Poké Coins cost:

    • 100 Pokecoins – $0.99
    • 550 Pokecoins – $4.99
    • 1,200 Pokecoins – $9.99
    • 2,500 Pokecoins – $19.99
    • 5,200 Pokecoins – $39.99
    • 14,500 Pokecoins – $99.00

    Poké Gyms

    Battle locations for team-based king of the hill matches. Must be a Level 5. These are typically located at places of interest.


    Poké Stops

    Poké Stops provide players with items, such as eggs, Poké Balls, and potions and can be equipped with items called lures.

    poke shop and poke coins


    That’s YOU, the Pokemon trainer. You are able to customize your Pokemon trainer avatar’s skin, hair, outfit and gender.

    What Did We Miss?

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