Dallas to Nashville to Dallas in 7 Hours

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Dallas to Nashville to Dallas in 7 Hours

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Dallas to Nashville to Dallas in 7 Hours. I don’t recommend that you do this, but you know when your job requires travel, you well… travel.

I really don’t mind every once in a while, but have learned that day trips are gruesome.┬áThe good is i’m able to tuck in my kiddos and my husband isn’t stuck pulling his hair out with 2 kids by himself.

The bad, well traveling 1,300 miles and attending 4 meetings in 7 hours is exhausting.

A few things I’ve learned to bring on day trips:

  • Laptop Bag: Make sure this fits your lifestyle. I have a messenger bag, and am learning that maybe this isn’t best for my back. Unfortunately have yet to find a somewhat professional looking backpack.
  • Cash: It makes finding a cab – oh so much easier! And make sure you know the exact address of your destination.
  • Flip Flops: Believe me, your feet will love you. Flip flops don’t take up much room and are much easier to change into during airport security. Plus, running to a new gate after a gate change in heels sucks.
  • Ear Phones: When I travel, I see it as ME time. If you have ear phones on, you can easily tune out chatty Patty next to you.
  • A GOOD Book: The greatest thing about books, you don’t have to close them the entire flight! There is no “turn off” button – so go ahead, and read yourself happy.
  • Chewing Gum: Bad breath from a mid-air nap is not a good way to start a meeting. Plus the gum helps with popping ears while flying.
  • Flip Cam: When traveling thru the airport you never know what you’ll see or come across – believe me, this will put a bit of fun in your trip.

My kids expect a gift whenever I go out of state. It’s my fault – yes, they tend to be spoiled. The cheapest thing I’ve found is a magnet. This way the family can share, and i’m only out $3.

Good times and happy flying!

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