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Digital Mom Blog is an intersection of geekery, parenting, tech and being a mom. Whether you are a mom looking to read the woahs of parenting (HELLO TODDLERS!),  want to be in the know about the latest in mom technology, watch a review of a cool gadget, impress your kids with Minecraft facts, learn about sleep training toddlers with a kids alarm clock or just enjoy fun geekery links  – you’ve found a website that has it.

I’m Molly Thornberg, the tech mom blogger behind Digital Mom Blog.molly thornberg mom tech blogger
My love for the internet began over 20 years ago when my parents first brought home a computer that they traded baseball cards for. I spent my days learning everything about it and surfing BBS site, then Gopher, than the WWW.

Dallas blogger
Dallas blogger friends at a Verizon event (I’m the one in shades.)

I have an undying love for all things with googly eyes. I hate doing laundry. My house is never clean (I just aim for sanitary). I have a Pinterest addiction, can’t stop playing Words Tour and am a recovering addict of  Candy Crush. I have a love for all things digital, hence the blog name. When I’m not online, I’m most likely in the garage getting high on paint fumes unintentionally — my newest hobby is upcycling furniture.

CES tech blogger
CES 2015

My husband Sean blogs here as well. He shares a love of Minecraft with our kids and is currently building them a Minecraft server – which makes him the best dad ever. He’s a software engineer by day and since he has put up with me for the last 17+ years, he is down right awesome.

Meet the digital kids

We have had 4 digital kids, (a.k.a. family circus) ranging in age from 2 to 10 years old. Our house is always loud and messy, but full of love and laughter. We live in the Dallas, TX metroplex and call Austin, TX our second home.

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