About Digital Mom Blog

    Parenting kids is hard. Here, we don’t judge. We make mistakes, we do our best, we laugh, we make memories and we cry when our babies grow.
    We love technology and gadgets. We get that our kids are digital natives, but are cautious and want to know what they should and shouldn’t be play and interact with. We love our screen time, but also love our screen-free time. 
    We LOVE our smart phones. We want to know the latest apps for both kids and adults. We work on our phones and then we toss it to the kid in the backseat to keep him occupied while we are stuck in traffic.
    Family is important to us. We want to be good people and we want our kids to grow up to be good people. We love to find ways to make memories. 
    Laughter is a must. Life can be hard and sometimes we just need to give good ole LOL at something stupid and mindless. 

    This is who Digital Mom Blog is meant for. Digital Mom Blog is here to connect parents with technology. We are here to share the latest finds whether it be a gadget, parenting hack, app or perhaps a funny meme or must-see video. We want this to be a community and encourage cordial discussions, questions and related advice. (Hey, no one knows it all!)

    Digital Mom Blog

    What Will You Find On Digital Mom Blog?

    Here are a few examples of the content you will find on Digital Mom Blog. 


    Have you heard of the Hour of Code


    My scariest parenting moment: Seat Belt Strangulation


    Babies are the absolute best, but I’ll never forget the hardships that come along with feeding a baby. Have you seen Bluesmart Mia? This device slips on to your baby’s bottle and monitors how much your baby eats, tells you the best angle to feed your baby and what the temperature of your bottle is.


    How to Cheat at Pokemon Go – but don’t tell your kids, just let them think you are THAT good.

    Drone App
    Aura Digital Photo Frame
    pokemon go for kids

    Molly Thornberg

    As a working mom to then two little kids, Molly Thornberg started Digital Mom Blog in 2009. Rather than constantly sending mass emails of funny viral videos and new tech products to her friends, she decided to start a blog to share the mayhem. The blog evolved into away to connect to other parents who had similar interests and experiences with technology, parenting and geekery.

    As a teenager, Molly discovered the internet (Gopher, back then!) Right out of high school, Molly jumped into a career in digital media, email marketing and web development. She has spent the last 18 years learning and working with the ever-changing internet and various constantly-evolving social media platforms.

    Molly and her husband Sean live outside of Dallas, TX in a farmhouse they are constantly renovating. Currently their farm consists of their four children (Zowie, Elijah, Izaiah and Zeke), their two dogs, many squirrels that eat all of their pecans and a cat that insists that he lives with them. 

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    • Dawnmortimer

      Molly, I think we were separated at birth, we have so much in common! I love how you have mind mapped out who you are!! You have inspired me to start my own blog, I have blogged for others for awhile and tweeting/Facebooking my thoughts but didn’t feel like I had a purpose or a way to pull all my thoughts together. I want to do so much but didn’t know where to begin so thanks for the inspiration!

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