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Today’s Daily Inspire: LOVE is that condition in which the happiness of another person if essential to your own. – Robert Heinlein

Isn’t it funny how love changes a person? Think back to when you were single and how the day would flow and the choices you made were yours.

You get married.

In marriage, the choices are not mine but ours. What should WE make for dinner? (no longer just I). What movie should WE go see? What channel on TV should WE watch. How quickly we learn compromise and it’s all because of LOVE.

Then you have a baby.

The world changes. Life as you know it is no longer.

It’s not about a matter of when, it’s now HOW. How will I go out to dinner for Valentine’s day – this is even before deciding where to go. Sounds like a pain, right?  That’s LOVE. Love isn’t about you and what’s best for how YOU want it – except when talking about loving yourself. Most of your decisions are in regards to LOVING others.

P.S. I read my husband this quote. My hopeless romantic’s response? Is that the definition to co-dependency? Love you Sean!

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