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We recently purchased a cell phone for our 10-year-old Z. Before we let her get her hands on the phone, we made her sign a kid cell phone contract and had a nice long talk about cell phone safety. We bought her a Samsung Galaxy S II. It’s a great phone, not too high-end but fancy enough to have access to the internet and apps. Of course, any phone with internet and apps requires talks about boundaries, which we have had many of…..

cell phone contract template

Our main reason for buying her a phone was sparked by a new school, new sports team, new friends. A whole lot of new is happening around here, and suddenly our 10-year-old has this crazy social life. While I want to let my little bird fly, she is 10! So far the cell phone has been great, and every time it hasn’t been – we referred back to our lovely contract.

Side note before getting to the phone contract: This is what works for OUR family. I have provided 2 cell phone contract templates. 1 is fill in the blank. You write what works for your family as far as rules for your kids and cell phone usage. The other is the actual contract we had our Z sign. She is 10 and had no resistance to signing as she knows that the phone is a privileged. I know a few might get a chuckle at how strict we are in regards to the contract, but just remember this is just for our family, you do what works for your’s!

Kid Cell Phone Contract Template Download

cell phone contract fill in templatecell phone contract template

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