blue star families

Tweet & Facebook For Military Families!

I love working with Lifetime.  Today I received an email announcing a new campaign running this weekend benefiting Military families thru Blue Star Families. Who is Blue Star Families? Blue Star...
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A Paper Tweet

Twitter + Paper = Paper Tweet. Go ungreen and start tweeting via paper!
bible summary

The Bible. 1 Chapter a Day. 140 or less.

Chris Juby, is a church worker and freelance web developer based in Durham, UK. He is on a mission - his goal? To summarize the entire bible on Twitter over the next 3 years.
David Letterman Top 10 Signs You Spend Too Much Time on Twitter

Top 10 Signs You Spend TOO Much Time on Twitter

I admit, there are days I spend TOO much time on Twitter. The constant tweets filling my feed with no pause button, it's addicting. Leave it to the hilarious David Letterman to create a top 10 signs you spend...
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Dear Twitter, Here Is My Wish List of Improvements

Dear Twitter, You are apart of my every day. Some days, more so than email! While for the most part I LOVE YOU, there area few things I wish you would change. I think of you as a virtual friend, and after...