Facebook is the most popular social media site. Learn all about the Facebook platform and how as a digital mom you can utilize it.

    Facebook Walls

    Facebook Intimacy

    I wish we could share the kind of intimacy we share with 350 millon ...

    facebook contacts how to remove phone numbers

    Facebook Contacts – How to Remove Phone Numbers

    Remove your mobile phone contacts from your Facebook account - here is how!

    facebook dislike button

    Facebook Dislike Button a FAKE!

    Facebook Dislike Button is a FAKE! Don't click to enable it!

    rebecca black

    Music Monday – Rebecca Black (WHO!)

    Rebecca Black earns a million from the social media world with her viral hit ...

    blue star families

    Tweet & Facebook For Military Families!

    I love working with Lifetime.  Today I received an email announcing a new campaign ...

    National UnFriend Day – November 17

    Who are your real friends on facebook? Jimmy Kimmel challenges you to cut the ...

    Facebook Mobile Stats

    Facebook Mobile. Millions are using it. Check out these Facebook Mobile stats.

    Farm Ville, Mafia Wars & Yo Ville ATTACK 7-11!

    Date night last weekend, we pull up to 7-11, becuase we are classy folks ...

    Social Media & Small Business

    Do you run a small business? How are you connected to social media? I ...

    Facebook Access for Twitter

    Facebook Pages & Twitter Are Now Talking!

    So Facebook, you decided to wise up and embrace the greatness of Twitter for ...