Facebook is the Ultimate Productivity Killer

Facebook is the Ultimate Productivity Killer

facebook im trying to work

FACEBOOK! I am trying to work!

Is Facebook Your Ultimate Productivity Killer?

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How Young is Too Young for a Facebook Profile?

How Young is Too Young for a Facebook Profile?

how young is too young for facebook?

My daughter Z asked me sign her up for Facebook. In which I quickly replied, NO. I didn’t even think about it.

To her unfair disadvantage, it could easily be that I had just been on Facebook dismayed by a friend’s sad taste in displaying tacky images of herself. But regardless, my then 7-year old wasn’t going to get her own profile.

Since that initial ask (my daughter is VERY persistent), several family members and a few friends with kids her age, have asked “Is Z on Facebook?”. This has had me thinking.

I love Facebook. Sure I complain – mostly about it’s ability to suck time right out from under me – but it has it’s purpose. And that purpose is connecting. Should I keep my 8-year old from that? What if I moderate and set her privacy settings up? I’m personally still not sold on it. Probably because I know my daughter’s smartness and her ability to potentially lock me out from her account.

But something I did think about – what if I had Facebook when I was 8. And what if through the years (minus the good friends and bad friends and the thought of cyber bullying!) – I had been able to keep in touch with them.

Now a days, sure I hate it when a friend moves away, but honestly sometimes with Facebook it’s like they didn’t even move. What if my daughter was able to experience that?

Mark Zuckerburg recently announced he thinks that children under the age of 13 SHOULD be able to use Facebook. As it stands now with COPPA, children under 13 are not permitted on the site (though there are several, with a few simple hacks such as not putting in your child’s REAL birthdate). Mark sees Facebook as an educational opportunity for children.

Zuckerberg said he wants younger kids to be allowed on social networking sites like Facebook. Currently, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) mandates that websites that collect information about users (like Facebook does) aren’t allowed to sign on anyone under the age of 13. But Zuckerberg is determined to change this.

“That will be a fight we take on at some point,” he said. “My philosophy is that for education you need to start at a really, really young age.”

But just how would Facebook’s social features be used by younger children?

“Because of the restrictions we haven’t even begun this learning process,” Zuckerberg said. “If they’re lifted then we’d start to learn what works. We’d take a lot of precautions to make sure that they [younger kids] are safe.”

Read more on cnn.com

Image source and read another opinion of kids on Facebook: http://unbiasedreview.org/is-facebook-safe-for-kids/

What Are Your Thoughts? How Young Is TOO Young?

Facebook Dislike Button a FAKE!

Facebook Dislike Button a FAKE!

facebook dislike button

While we all joke and wish there was a Facebook dislike button, there’s not one.

Nope, and if you see a message on Facebook saying to Enable the Facebook Dislike Button – don’t click it! If you click on it however, you will not only forward the fake message with the Facebook Dislike button to all of your Facebook friends by posting it on your profile – you will also be running  obfuscated Javascript on your computer. And that’s not GOOD!

Facebook dislike button is a fake!

Facebook Dislike Button is a Fake!

Facebook says it’s working with major Web browsers to fix the security holes that allow malicious apps to slip into the social network.

Sorry folks, still no official Facebook Dislike Button!

Music Monday – Rebecca Black (WHO!)

Music Monday – Rebecca Black (WHO!)

So this past weekend, I’ve seen the name Rebecca Black over and over on the interwebs. Whether it was Twitter, Facebook or searching the net – Rebecca Black and Friday keep appearing. Sitting here, I thought well you could just google it.

rebecca black

I just had an ephiphany. When my mom told me that the music I listened to was CRAP, I will do the same thing to my Z as soon as she mentions this song. But I’m OLD now (32 people!), so my opinion doesn’t matter. But I do have to give props where props are deserved.

Rebecca Black shot out of no where. Her crappy video “FRIDAY” as seen below has shot from 1 million view last week to over 52 million views as of tonight.

Who is Rebecca Black?

Rebecca Black is a 13-year-old from Anaheim Hills, California. Yep, you read that right – 13 years old!  The single, “Friday” was released on March 14th, though the video on YouTube was uploaded on February 10, 2011.

The single “Friday” was produced by ARK Music Factory.

According to Wikipedia (so take it for what it’s worth)

Rebecca Black’s mom paid $2000 to boutique label ARK Music Factory to help launch Rebecca’s career.  ARK Music Factory made sure to note there is no guarantee of success.

Social Media & The Launch of Rebecca Black

While we’re all entitled to our opinions, big huge props to the social media world, specifically Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for launching and creating another success (whether I like it or not).  Rebecca hopefully paid back her mom the $2000 she used to start her adventure, as Rebecca has now made over a million dollars from iTunes and God only knows how much thru the sale of adsense ads on the YouTube video!

My favorite tweet about this whole Rebecca Black incident?

@Casanovaking? Sooo Rebecca Black earns over a million dollars on itunes, I have a feeling that her next song is going to be called “Payday”


What Do You Think of the Overnight Hit “Friday”?