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    Review of our stay at Great Wolf Lodge

    Great Wolf Lodge Review

    Last week our family of 6 headed to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX. ...

    cereal box crafts

    Cereal Box Crafts

    Does your family consume ungodly amounts of cereal? Mine does. It’s obscene, that’s if ...

    kids stuck in claw machine

    Watch Your Child Around Claw Machines!

    Sure, kids love all types of vending machines – especially those with lights and ...

    toddler sleep

    Toddler Talk: Toddler Sleep

    Toddler sleep – how those two words are oh so present in my life ...


    Amazing Playroom Inspirations

    With 4 kids, our playroom is the heart of our home. It’s a getaway ...

    babies are weird interesting creatures

    Babies Are Weird Interesting Creatures

    Babies are weird. I said it. Before we had babies, my perception of babies ...

    meet the toddlers

    Awkward Introductions

    So today I started my new gig on Toddler Times at Babble. Many moons ...

    Moms have Superpowers

    Moms Have Super Powers

      If you are a mom chances are you’ve noticed some changes since becoming ...

    teaching baby sign language

    Baby Sign Language

    Baby Sign Language I seriously thought baby sign language was a crock. After the ...

    Half Birthday

    Half Birthday – Zeke is 6 Months Old

    Half Birthday Time! A half birthday, already? Somehow 6 months has passed since this ...

    make something with your maternity clothes

    What To Do With Your Old Maternity Clothes

      If your baby making days are over. Wait, if your baby HAVING days ...

    Biggie makes baby stop crying

    Have You Tried Gangster Rap for Calming Your Crying Baby Down?

    Who says that gangster rap can’t make a baby stop crying? Apparently one baby ...

    disney buys babble

    Disney Buys Babble!

    As you may know, I’m a blogger for Babble at Baby’s First Year. And ...

    bald booth iphone app

    Bald Booth iPhone App

    So I’m not bald, but sure feel like I am balding. This postpartum hairloss ...

    9 week old baby growth spurts

    Growth Spurts of a 9 Week Old

    9 weeks and the baby is growing. Growth spurts is what I am babbling ...

    photography and baby

    Photography and Your Baby

    No longer do we need film, 1 hour film processing or a portrait studio ...

    1 month old

    Dear Zeke – 1 Month Letter

    Dear Zeke, One year ago, if someone had told me that I would have ...

    paint chips projects

    10 Paint Chips Projects for Your Baby Nursery

    Who knew those paint chips had so many fun creative uses? Check out these ...

    best baby albums

    10 Best Baby Music Albums

    Top 10 Music Albums You and Your Baby Will Love



    Quatro is scheduled to arrive today. I feel like E. Pooped.

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