bored toddlers

What do you do when your toddler gets bored? We are dealing with this issue x2. Both toddlers are at awkward stages. Izaiah, 2 years old – would watch TV or play on the iPad all day, since that’s not an option – hello boredom!  Zeke, who is 1 – wants nothing to do with TV and Izaiah wouldn’t let him look at the iPad, so alas he is bored.

We have our weekly routines at the library, playgroup and church activities – but there is still that lag time. Moms, you know what I am talking about. What to do with the kids.

Look no further, here are some fun simple activities that will keep your toddler from a bout of boredom and mom sane.

No More Bored Toddlers!

indoor bubble wrap hopscotch for bored toddlers

How about indoor bubble wrap hopscotch?

toddler activity board

Check out this cool toddler activity board.

Creative moms, let’s get crafty. Here are 18 more fun activities for bored toddlers

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