The Best Way to Remove Nail Polish

best way to remove nail polish

The best way to remove nail polish is found on internet, of course.  The old school way your mom showed you with scrubbing your nail polish off with nail polish remover and cotton balls will still work, but we’ve come across an easier way to do it!

Remove Nail Polish with Foil

So it’s time to remove the glitter nail polish you’ve sporting for the last week. Here is an easy way to remove it:

Take a cotton round and cut it in half.  (here is a photo of a cotton round – just in case!)

cotton round

Take the nail polish remover and place it on the cotton round then over your finger nail.

Place foil over the cotton round and your finger nail.

foil to remove finger nail polish

Repeat with all finger nails. Sit and wait 5-7 minutes and then remove.

Your fingernail polish will be completely removed! It’s as easy as that. No scrubbing or scraping your fingernail polish. (I HATE scraping glitter nail polish!)

This is by far the easiest way I’ve found to remove nail polish!

Thanks All You Desire for the tip!

Easiest Way to Remove Gel Nails

While I haven’t had gel nails or solar nails in a while – you can use this trick as well! But here’s the thing. I’ve found the only nail polish remover with gel nails that works is the acetone nail polish remover. Just something to note! I know the pain of removing gel nails  – hoping this trick will save me an hour of scraping next time I remove them!

Moms: I’m not sure how easy this would be for removing nail polish from small little girls hands, but on older girls this works like a charm!

Do You Have Another Trick for Removing Nail Polish? Share!

{This is a Part of the Digital Mom Blog Series: Mom Style}


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